July 10, 2009


My cat is a bit of a mouser. Or, he would be if I lived some place where there was an infestation of mice. As it is, he has to make do with the occasional mosquito that zooms in after me when I come in from the street or the spider that thinks my place is where she should set up her place. Because he is so good at this, when he pounces on something I usually cheer him on. I feel its good for his morale, knowing that I value his contribution to our living arrangement.

Last night, he hopped up onto the bed and started purring which is usually a sign that I do not yet get to sleep because someone has not gotten his requisite number of belly rubs. He came into my line of vision and normally he flops over and closes his eyes and just relaxes. This time, however, he immediately went into a crouch and then he launched himself at my pillow.

Of course, I didn't know what to do. Should I sit up? Would that be helpful? What if my movement is what allows the bug to escape? What if it escapes and its a mosquito and I get the West Nile virus because I didn't just stay still and let Cooper kill it? So, I did what I normally do. I cheered him on! "Go on, Cooper! Kill it! Good boy!" And, then I felt a pull on my hair and immediately sat bolt upright and properly freaked out. "Oh God! Its in my hair! Its in my hair! What is it?!?! Gahhh!!" And, I look at Cooper, who is watching me quizzically but intently and I realize there was no bug. Cooper wasn't hunting, he was playing. With my hair.

April 29, 2009

Productivity Boosters?

IMG00462.jpg on Twitpic
I would like to say that this is the reason why I don't get a lot done, but it isn't. Actually, Cooper serves as a sick sort of motivation as its usually a fun challenge trying to work around him. Plus, its nice to have him in the room when I talk through an idea. I don't know why, but I feel a little less crazy when I'm talking to my cat as opposed to talking to an empty room. (Note: I said "less crazy" as it is still very "crazy cat lady" of me to have "discussions" with my cat.)

April 20, 2009


So, at the risk of sounding like Bob Barker, you should spay or neuter your pet. I was at the SPCA earlier (looking for Kingsley). In the stray room, I saw a kitten who couldn't have been older than 7 weeks old because it needed to be fostered. Someone has to bottle feed the little guy every couple of hours. It was so sad. This is kitten litter season, so this isn't the first time that I've been in the stray room and seen kittens. Previously, there have been mama kitties with entire litters. This time, it was just the one kitten, all alone. It tugged at my heart strings, I tell you.

March 27, 2009


In case you aren't on this list of people I left hysterical voicemails, don't follow my twitter and/or aren't friends with me on Facebook, Kingsley is missing.

It was a freak accident.

I had the windows open because, for a misty day, it was relatively nice. So, the cats were playing with each other and sitting in the windows and playing on me while I read and sitting in the windows. At one point King was in one window and Coop was in the other and the window King was in decided it had had enough "open" and wanted to close. So, it did. On King. Who ended up smooshed between the window and the screen. Of course, she FREAKED OUT (wouldn't you?) and before I could get to her she busted through the back of the screen and fell out of the window and is now frightened and most likely sitting up on the engine in one of my neighbor's cars.

We saw her a couple of times yesterday, once up under the hood of the car. We tried to grab her but she was too quick. Bugger. So, she's still out there. I left some food out for her and she did eat some (Ya, I measured it and checked.) So, I put the food out at 7 ish, and watched the bowl until I went to school at 8:15. The owner of the car that she had been under sent me a text at 9 saying she popped her hood and King wasn't there. So, sometime between when I left at 8:15 and when my neighbor left at 9, King crawled out from under the car, helped herself to some food (which is good, because she only had breakfast yesterday) and then hid someplace else, that from what I can tell isn't inside my apartment, although the screened window was still open so she could have let herself back in. So,to recap, I'm not at all sure as to where she is now. Maybe I'll go check and see if she's gone back to under the gazebo where she was born, but I just don't see her going that far because she was so scared when we saw her.

Many people have been very supportive and helpful in this process of finding, calming her down and bringing her home. In particular, Carise, who hung out with me after it got too dark to look, brought me a snack because she knew I'd skipped lunch in the search for Kingsley and who helped put up posters. I guess this is the last time I name an anything after Action star and all around Action Hero Steve McQueen. (In case you didn't know, King is actually Kingsley McQueen. Although, after this, I may just start calling her McQueen.) Adding a little strangeness to this (or perhaps, in an effort to keep my sanity), I keep making these little connections that are like, "Oh, this is going to be funny...when I have my cat back."

I have three examples. The first is the title of this post, which is a line from Michael Frayn's Noises Off (That link is to a DVD copy of the film they made of it a while back. Hilarious. It comes highly recommended.) This might be wishful thinking, because in the scene Roger Tramplemain says, "and a YOUNG WOMAN is MISSING" and Vicki comes busting in through a door and is no longer missing. (So, I guess I'm secretly hoping my cat will come swanning out of the closet and say, "Look! I'm here! Did you miss me?")

For example number two, we turn to the heavens. Venus is in retrograde and today is the day that it is, I think its called, in inferior conjunction with the sun and it will drop from the evening sky and reappear as the morning star (and actually cross the face of the sun.) Because it drops from the sky it has this "eclipse-like" energy (if you're into astrology) which means that it can trigger breakdowns or breakthroughs. Get it? Break through? As in King literally broke through the screen and now is out in the world. The universe is great, right?

The last example I have occurred while I was making my "MISSING CAT" posters. I felt a little like Henry Rollins from Shock and Awe when he talks about the burglar that tried to break into his house and his friend started chasing the guy and he called the cops and was like, "Okay, the guy in black. First name: Mike. Answers to: Mike." I felt like putting that on the poster. First name: Kingsley. Answers to: Kingsley. She's not a stray! She's belongs somewhere!

I keep telling myself, this will all be hilarious someday. Hopefully this day, just at a later hour. So, there's a little insight into my brain and how it works. I apparently deal with the inevitable tragedy brought about by simply existing by finding the absurd and hilarious stuff about it. I suppose this isn't really new information, especially if you've known me awhile, but there you go. Right now Cooper and I are holding vigil, keeping are eyes and are noses peeled and I've occasionally gone on little walks of the area shaping Octopodi, King's favorite toy. I'm trying not to have a breakdown myself and keep positive about things. I think I'm keeping it together pretty well. I might make myself lunch and then go on another little walk looking for my fur baby.

So, please wish me luck/keep us in your thoughts/pray for us. We're a new little family, but I think all three entities would agree that we are a little family regardless of our newness and so this is very distressing for all of us.

February 23, 2009

They're so cute when they're disruptive and destructive!

I just realized that I don't have a category for all my cat stuff. This surprises me. I like creating categories for things.

I have two, fun crazy cat lady stories to tell.

First off, I have a new alarm clock. Two of them actually. My Cooper clock likes to sit by my head and nuzzle his way under the covers, purring like a maniac at inappropriate times of the night. Adorable. My Kingsley clock likes to hop on my chest, start purring and occasionally whack me in the face with her paw. At five in the morning. And, its always five in the morning. Because I obviously need to be awake at five in the morning, particularly on Sundays.

Now, onto my second crazy cat lady thing.

I keep catching Cooper shimmying up the curtains and back down. Like its the rope from gym class. I walk into the room, I say his name, and he shimmies back down. I don't know what purpose this serves for him, but I'm considering hanging a rope from the ceiling so that he'll have something all his own (and not my curtains) to climb.

January 21, 2009

In Which We Rediscover the Bathtub

You may remember that the kittens both spent their first moments in my apartment in the bath tub.

I'm the sort of person who loves her bathtub. Few things in this are as outstanding as being able to relax in a warm bubble bath (using the end of the bath stuff I have from Lush, necessitating a trip to either London or NYC...), sipping some wine (or maybe some tea) while listening to some music ( or maybe reading a book). That's just top shelf relaxation.

And, I guess I've only showered since I've had the kittens. I filled the bathtub and they were fascinated. I sat in the bath while they stood there and just stared at me (I think they were wondering why anyone would intentionally sit in a pool of water.) And, then I got out of the tub and started draining it.

I wish I had photographed this next bit, because this is where it got ridiculous. Kingsley put two paws on the lip of tub and watched. Then, Cooper did, too. Water fascinates them. (True story. They like watching water stream out of the shower, too.) However, this wasn't close enough for Cooper. He wanted to look a little closer. He put all four paws up on the lip. Which was wet, as I had just taken a bath. So, he slipped a little. He tried to dig his claws in and catch his balance.

Cooper briefly hugged the lip of the tub before sliding into it. Of course, once he knew there was no stopping his descent, he made into a leap so only his paws got wet.

December 06, 2008

Bird is the Word.

I have papers to write and no doubt my study break has done on long enough, but I wanted to share this tidbit about the kittens with my (four) loyal readers.

I bought one of those fake birds on a string on a stick that you can make zoom around the room. You know, a cat toy. I brought it in from the car and I introduced the kittens for it. You'd think I'd brought another animal into the house. They've been hunting it all day. They are, in fact, more interested in playing with it than they are in people food today. They're plum tuckered out and sleeping at the moment, but for awhile when I making the fake bird fly around they were chasing it with their little kitty fangs bared, ready to catch and put down the neon pink menace. Its been wonderful. They've even been stalking it when I wasn't making it fly around. (Which is even better. One of them will "catch" it and carry it around and get the other one's attention, who will start batting at the stick end.) Wonderful.

November 25, 2008


Every knitter has a stash of yarn. I don't have a large stash. I have some homespun from a friend (for sock knitting), some of my own homespun, some natural fiber sock yarn from the festivals I visited this fall, some nice acrylic and a large-ish amount of cotton yarn that was the wrong weight for what I wanted to use it for.

And, I've managed to, so far, keep the kittens out of the stash. That is, I managed to keep the kittens out of the stash until last night. I had some tangles that I had to reorganize, so I did. And, that got Kingsley interested. Which got Cooper interested. Now my living room is criss-crossed with yarn from different balls being pushed from one end of the room to the other. They even got into the handspun that was in a freezer bag. I'm going to have to hide some of the stuff in my closet, I think.

November 18, 2008

Scarves and Socks and Kittens, Oh My!

I've not done a lot of knitting recently, something about trying to coax kittens out from under the bed. (Although, I have been able to get a few rows of my Guyfriend scarf I've been working on. Its a great pattern that I got out of the Simple 1-2-3 Knitting that I fished out of the Bargain Section at B&N. What a great find that book has turned out to be. But, last night, while I was sleeping, the kittens discovered two things:

1. The scarf I was working on.
2. The article I was reading.

How do I know this? I know this because when I woke up this morning to find my yarn criss-crossed all over the floor. And, I know they found the article because when I went to read it a second time, I noticed tiny little kitty bite marks in the pages. My apartment is not really kitten-proof. I've known that since the beginning. However, I'm starting to think about what that means.

The plus side of this is, they are both starting to decide that I'm pretty cool. Much like yesterday, when I got home from class Cooper was again napping in my bed and he let me pet him. Unwittingly, he is helping me trick his brother into liking me by purring. He starts purring and then his brother wants to know what is so cool that he is purring.

Kingsley came out from under the bed earlier because of this purring trick. He got a treat for it. Yup, I'm still bribing them.

November 03, 2008


So, I get up this morning and I go to school and while I'm getting in my car to drive away, I notice something moving in the woods by my flat. Its two kittens playing on a pile of wood. One of them I've seen around before, usually poking around the dumpsters. It made me sad to see them out there and I thought I'd go check it out when I got home.

They're so tiny. They are definitely kittens.

Anyway, when I came home, I didn't have to investigate. They were playing on the same stack of wood. Happy as little lions. So, I walked out towards them and they stopped playing and stared at me and then when I got too close they dove underneath some branches. I went back in the house and grabbed my last packet of tuna. I left it for them. A couple of hours later, I went back out to check on them, and the tuna was almost gone. (I actually hadn't even noticed one of them sort of creeping towards it for more. Of course, I scared it back.)

I'm hoping that after a few days of leaving them some nibbles that they'll decide that I'm okay so that I can either A. adopt them or B. take them to the Ten Lives Club so that some other awesome person can adopt them. It is going to get cold and awful and snowy. And, even though they have little kitty fur coats on, they shouldn't have to be out there in the cold and ice. That's just not cool.

Any ideas on how to better coax them out of the woods?