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So, my school books have been trickling in, slowly, as I've bought them from the internet. One of the classes I'm taking is a Corpus Linguistics class (I'm learning Perl!) For the class, there was one absolutely optional books. Two books who are optional if you've worked with UNIX or Perl before (I bought them) and one required book. Guess which order I've received them in? Yup, that's right. In the exact opposite order in which they would have been useful.

Today, I signed in to see the status of my books that I've not received, so I'd know when to expect them. Apparently, I Didn't even order that last one. The one that was required. The one I should already be three chapters into. Thankfully, I have friends and know how to look sad and pathetic and have been able to keep up with the reading. Further good news, thanks to the internet, I can expect said book in 4-7 days. Hooray!


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