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You'd never know I had shit to do.

This is my new favorite website. True story, bitches.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my madlib:

Wrath opened the door to the sound of metal. Tohr and Rhage were listening to Jonatha Brooke again. 'What is this fuckwit?' Wrath demanded.

'Homeskillet, my brother, it's just Jonatha Brooke's new album, Yellow Honey.'

Just then Fritz came in. With a tray laden with charming Saucony pants.

'Bloody, Fritz!' cried Rhage. 'These are fucking dashing!'

Vishous came in, dagger drawn. 'The lessers are back. I caught Mr. X picking a civilian vampire. With a cat.'

'Time to pucker. Smoothly.' said Wrath.

'Whatever,' said Rhage. 'I don't care as long as I get to smack some sexy footprints.'

Go forth, and madlib for yourselves!


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