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April 30, 2008

Road Trip: Six-Word Memoir Summation.

24 Hours in car, Still friends.

April 23, 2008

Darth Vader Voice

Since I've been back in the States, My Mother has been pretty insistent on one thing: That I somehow find a way to get health insurance. I need to be insured. Now, this is pretty understandable because I am a little accident prone and I seem to have developed a number of odd food sensitives whilst I was overseas. Nothing life threatening, just things that are annoying for the moment. (But, as with any "sensitivity" or allergy, there is always the possibility of it getting worse over time. So, the giant sugar cookie at my local coffee dealer that makes me itch down my center line today may cause any number of things like restricted breathing passages and death in the future. God, I love jumping straight into conclusions.)

So, yesterday I stopped into see her before I went to get my haircut while she was at work. My Mother smiled and me and said, "Hey, since you're not working you should get on your Dad's schedule and go see the insurance agent!" She has been particularly insistent about the insurance since I've decided that I will be pursuing my PhD. studies in Buffalo. Apparently, one needs to be insured in order to go look at places to live in Western New York.

I get on my Dad's schedule and preempt the tedious federal paperwork (and reading more Laurell K. Hamilton, Jen Lancaster (Bitter is the New Black is freaking hilarious!,) or writing more Slash Fiction) to go to the office. We chat with the insurance agent and I wonder briefly why it is that I need to go to school at all and can't just get a real job (because I am a nerd and I have found my calling, that's why, bitches) and while she steps out of the room my Dad and I fall into impersonations of my Mother as Darth Vader. Luke, You Will See the Insurance Agent and things of the like. Now, if you know my Mother, she is nothing like Darth Vader. She wears pink. She likes kittens. She does need a tray to kill you. But, I whipped my Father and I into a frenzy of giggle fits with this one.

Of course, on the ride home after the giggle fits subsided, I had to have a chat with him about how I need to be more responsible with money. Why do parents always have to end things on a practical note?

April 22, 2008

I have Alice Cullen Hair

So, I didn't really mean to take a month long break from blogging. Really, I didn't. And, I would have updated a week ago but it would seem that I had locked myself out of my own site. Isn't that awesome.

In the last month I have become obsessed with the following things:

1. Wasabi Peas: I had seen them before on the Harry and David fixture at Barnes & Noble while I was waiting in line for my extra foamy Caramel Macchiato (also an obsession.) It has all the earmarks of something that would be tasty and delicious because I like both peas and wasabi. The box states that they are "not for the faint of heart". I finally broke down and tried them a week ago. They are amazing. They are crunchy and starchy and spicy (although, you don't get the same wasabi after effect of the burning the runs from the back of your tongue up into your sinus cavities, which, in my opinion, is the only reason to eat wasabi.) I sing their praises now.

2. Twilight By Stephenie Meyer.: These teen books about a vampire and his human love interest are funny, touching, cute, and just the most engrossing things I've read about vampires since I read L.J. Smith's vampire trilogy in Junior High. Also, I've come to the conclusion that a large part of the reason I like the books is that I am Edward. I mean, aside from not being a vampire, not having super powers, and reacting better to bad turns in relationships. (Read New Moon, You'll get it.) Also, they are making the first one into a movie starring the very suave Cedric Diggory. Wait, I mean, Robert Pattinson. And, if that wasn't enough it turns out that I sort of have the same haircut as the girl playing Edward/Cedric/Robert's sister Alice in the film and that I look cute when I style my hair the way she styles hers. Neat.

3. The Merry Gentry books by Laurell K. Hamilton: Okay, these are not well written, but they are very entertaining and sometimes that is exactly what you want. These are a little payback for having run Changeling in my younger days. Merry is a faerie Princess who has to get knocked up before her cousin, the evil and not-right-in-the-head Prince Cel manages to get someone else knocked up, in order to beat him to the throne. In short, these are books about Merry Gentry avoiding assassination attempts and fucking hot faerie guys. You read that right. Although, to be honest, some days I wish they were a little less Courtly intrigue and a little more steamy and sticky. (In the first one, just skip to the end. I have two words: Killing Frost. I have another word: HOT!)

4. Slash Fiction: I have begun writing my own little slash fiction story that is a little faerie, a little vampire and a little Pride and Prejudice. At the moment, it is the touching story of four really awesome sorta-faeries (I created a new class of being because I am the author and I am awesome) who find true love and kick a lot of ass. Three of the sisters are loosely based on the three friends of mine who read The Twilight books first and kept telling me I needed to read them.

5. Not being homeless in the Fall: I have been trolling the internet for places to live In Buffalo so as to not be homeless come Fall. (Or, more importantly, come the first snow fall.) I have been accepted in the PhD. program at Buffalo and have accepted their offer. This weekend, I will be road-tripping there in order to do the unthinkable: Actually look at places before I sign a contract. It is this new thing I'm trying called "Being On the Ball". I'm actually not very good at it as I have yet to actually talk to (instead of playing phone tag with) the person whose house I will be staying at this weekend.


April 03, 2008

Finally, a phrase that's appropriate for what I'm feeling.

Today's Italian Phrase: (actually, March 22nd's phrase from my page-a-day calendar.)

Sono più vecchio, ma non necessariamente più saggio.

I'm older, but not necessarily wiser.

Ya, that about sums up this week.