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Taking time to get used to time

Every time I've gone to phone my boyfriend this week, I've been confused by the time. That is because on March 9th, last Sunday, we sprang forward an hour. Now, if my lovely lived down the road that wouldn't be such a big deal. But, he lives in Europe where they have all adopted the European standard "Summer Time Period" which doesn't go into effect until the end of them month.

I know this because I googled it. That's a pretty good article, by the way. Its a little frustrating, but only because of that Federal Law passed in 2005 that allegedly saves energy. (Unless, of course, it continues being wintry whether we've sprung forward or it.) I suppose it may do the trick places where lighting is only used when there are no lights outside. But, I don't work in such a place.

Its been rather difficult adjusting to the difference in our time difference. However, I comforted by the fact that at the end of March when I'm used to there being a difference in the difference it will go back to being what it was and there will be no difference at all.


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